Trekking in the estate

At Villa Ginevra, we invite you to enjoy a unique trekking experience directly inside our fascinating estate. Here, the spectacular view of the Aeolian Islands blends harmoniously with the serenity of the Sicilian countryside, creating the ideal setting for an unforgettable adventure.

Cooking class

Join the Villa Ginevra cooking class and discover the culinary art of Sicily! An exciting experience to learn how to prepare the most authentic traditional Sicilian dishes, all in a fun atmosphere to be shared with family or friends, guided by the expert hands of the cooks who carefully preserve the culinary secrets of the tradition.


Spend an extraordinary day in the open air, surrounded by the beauty of Sicilian nature. Relax and enjoy a delicious picnic in the heart of our estate with baskets baskets full of delicacies, embraced by the quiet surroundings, for an unforgettable experience unforgettable experience in harmony with nature.

Outdoor painting course

Immerse yourself in creativity in a magical setting, where the breathtaking landscape becomes the canvas on which to paint your masterpieces. Our courses take place in picturesque corners of the estate, offering continuous inspiration amidst olive groves, lots of greenery and panoramic views of the Sicilian countryside and the Aeolian Islands.

Barbecue evening

Under a starry sky and enveloped in a cosy atmosphere, Villa Ginevra invites you to an unparalleled gastronomic experience. Discover the pleasure of savouring delicious grilled dishes, while the warmth of the evening envelops you in an embrace of taste and relaxation. A culinary journey under the stars, where every bite becomes a magical moment to share with those you love.

Italian course

Explore the richness of the Italian language while experiencing an unforgettable stay in the
comfort of Villa Ginevra. We offer Italian lessons that transform your holiday into
an opportunity to learn a new language, enriching your experience in a unique way.

Cinema under the stars

Discover the magic of Cinema under the Stars evenings at Villa Ginevra, where every moment is transformed into an indelible memory with the people we love most. At
an enchanting and intimate atmosphere, the starry sky becomes the perfect setting for an extraordinary experience, enriched by the heady scent of popcorn, offered with love by us. A perfect combination of emotions, stars, and delicacies that makes every evening unforgettablejeden.


Archery is an ancient and fascinating sport that requires concentration precision and coordination. If you are looking for an adrenalin-pumping and rewarding, archery is the perfect choice. Our qualified instructors will guide you in learning the ancient art of aiming and shooting an arrow
surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Wellness treatments

Revitalise your senses with Villa Ginevra’s wellness treatments! Enjoy the pleasure of being pampered by the hands of our experts, who will guide you on a journey of pure relaxation. Discover our selection of treatments and choose the one best suited to your needs.


Boat tours

Extraordinary marine experiences await you with our tour by boat, departing directly from our facility. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Sicilian coastline, admire the enchanting Aeolian Islands and discover hidden secrets that make Sicily a gem of the Mediterranean. On board our boats you will enjoy a comfortable and safe journey through the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, exploring remote bays, picturesque caves and enchanting beaches secluded beaches that define the authentic beauty of this extraordinary coastline.

Motorbike rental

Villa Ginevra offers its guests the opportunity to rent motorbikes to experience an unprecedented adventure to discover ancient Sicilian villages, breathtaking views
breathtaking views and unforgettable landscapes. Choose from a variety of high-quality motorbikes suited to every type of explorer, guaranteeing a personalised and comfortable two-wheeled journey. With Villa Ginevra motorbike hire, you will enjoy the freedom to explore Sicily at your own pace, creating a unique and unforgettable experience

Nebrodi Park Tour

Explore uncontaminated nature and enjoy the silence as you venture into places of rare beauty, immersed in the heart of the Nebrodi Park. Discover the natural wonders of this fascinating territory, from the spectacular Catafurco waterfalls to lakes, from ancient beech groves and other hidden gems that make the Nebrodi Park an authentic Sicilian treasure. You can choose to experience the tour by trekking, comfortably on a van or through an exciting quad bike tour. Finally, you can choose to delight your palate at lunch, with traditional local dishes, and then then continue the tour and watch the sunset, a magical moment that ends your day in the beauty of this paradise.

Tasting of typical products

Savour Sicilian authenticity through our exclusive
tasting experiences. Delight your palate with the genuine flavours of the island, from fine extra virgin olive oils and
extra virgin olive oils, cheeses, traditional sweets and renowned Sicilian pastas. Conclude your gastronomic journey with a liqueur tasting or a tour in a brewery to explore the secrets of craft beer. A culinary journey that will
lead you to discover the authentic heart of Sicilian cuisine.

Bike and vespa tours

Discover Sicily in an active and fascinating way with our bike and vespa tours. Ride through ancient Sicilian paths, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the countryside and breathing in the crisp Mediterranean air. A unique experience for lovers adventure on two wheels. Take advantage of our tips to discover the itineraries best-loved itineraries.

Horse riding adventure

Explore nature and connect with the beauty of the Nebrodi through a horseback tour. An enveloping experience that will make you feel in harmony with the land, combining the
majesty of the landscape to the scents of the nature reserve. An enchanting and elegant that will awaken your senses, giving you incomparable memories in the unspoilt Sicilian nature.



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