Motorycle Week

Are you ready to open your hearts to the roads of Sicily?
Experience a week of adrenaline, team spirit and unforgettable landscapes while we explore the endless curves and exciting routes of this fascinating island. Let's experience together an unforgettable journey on two wheels that will rekindle your passion for motorcycling.

Book your week from September to November 2024!

Crime Week

Experience a world of intrigue, mystery and delicious cuisine during our unforgettable crime week, where your investigative instincts will be put to the test.
Between daily clues, excellent food and interactive entertainment, you will always be on the hunt for the real criminal.

Active week with Edi

Sports enthusiasts? At Villa Ginevra we don't miss a thing!
Together with Edi - our friendly tour guide - we have selected routes to do by bike and foot, discovering the breathtaking landscapes and the many Sicilian culinary delights.

Flavors of Sicily

Let yourself be carried away by the flavors of Sicilian cuisine, together with us you can travel and savor all that Sicily's food has to offer, savoring the typical 'arancini' and many other delicacies.
You will enjoy absolute relaxation, we have already thought of everything!

Sicily tour

A 7-day tour to discover Sicily, an area that offers a wide choice of beautiful places; we have selected the unmissable and even lesser known ones, you will be speechless admiring their beauty!
Don't miss the fall edition as well, where you can experience olive harvest, press and tasting of the new oil.

7 days, 10 cities

Enjoy your stay to its fullest and set off to explore 10 cities on the Tyrrhenian coast, from Messina to Palermo we have selected the most picturesque villages to visit and photograph. Would you like to discover which ones?

Olive harvest and visit to the oil mill

Participate at the unique experience of the olive harvest at Villa Ginevra. Discover the charm of old traditions, experience with us the olive oil cycle, from harvesting to extraction, with a guided tour of the mill and a tasting of the new oil.



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